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Our Pets.

 by phil , Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:33 pm

I noticed that we haven't got a spot on here dedicated to out pets. What self respecting forum does not have a thread where we can prattle on about our animals. I will start this off with a little memory of my favourite pet Rex. Once again I wrote this for somewhere else and have copied it to here, so some of you may have read it.

This is a picture of Rex the most intelligent dog I ever knew. He was a rescue dog like the majority of our pets, I think we owe these abandoned animals a chance of a good life before we spend hundreds of pounds on pedigree animals. Not that I have anything against them because in amongst the myriad of animals that we have had the pleasure of watching over we have had three pedigree dogs. The one an Airedale Terrier I will tell you about Zak on another occasion.

Getting back to Rex, he was a diamond but his problem was he wouldn’t be caged, because of his predilection for wandering off on his own. I had to go to the very great expense of having a six foot fence put all around my rear garden. I have to tell you that this cost me a few thousand pounds. When it was completed I thought well Rex that’s your wandering days over unless you are with me on a lead.

The next day when returning home from work, Rex of course had gone wandering. As the day after was a Saturday I let Rex out in to the garden and I stood and watched. Rex made one run at the fence got his paws on top of the fence and clawed his way to the top. On reaching the top he sat balanced on top of the fence making sure his escape route was clear he then he leapt down on the other side. That meant another visit to the timber yard for a number of lengths of trellis. When these were fitted on top of the fence, this put paid to his illicit wanderings.

A couple of days later I was at our local garage and the pump attendant (remember them) said to me “you are the owner of Rex aren’t you”. I replied “yes” thinking hello what’s he done. She said “we were all wondering if he was O.K because we haven’t seen him for a while”. So I said “what do you mean”. She explained that every day Rex would call at the pet shop over the road where he would sit outside until the owner came out with a little tit bit for him after eating his tit bit he would accept a little fuss from the shop owner then toddle back the way he had come to the zebra crossing where he would sit and wait until the traffic stopped for him then he would cross the road. He would then make his way into the garage accept a bowl of milk and then lie himself down by the heater until he decided it was time to go home, A feat which he accomplished by the reverse of his actions to get there.

According to the pump attendant he would do this every time he managed to get out. I left promising to bring Rex down to see her. So when taking Rex for a walk I would pass the row of local shops. The trouble was it took so long, as we passed each shopkeeper would come out to talk. Not to me but Rex.

Of all our animals I am not ashamed to admit Rex was my favourite. He was 21 years of age when he left us, and we had him from the rescue home as a young pup. He was the friendliest, fittest, non aggressive dog you would ever meet and he was loved by everybody who met him. Neither am I ashamed to admit as I write this there is a tear in the corner of my eye.


Make Love, Not War

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